MDofficeManager provides reimbursement revolution for healthcare providers. Our Revenue Cycle Management’s knowledge base encompasses proven methodologies and techniques can leverage continuous process innovation and technology. You can avail 100% transparency, 24 * 7 reports flexibility and all industry’s update such as ever changing payer environment, HIPAA compliance, RAC audit etc. In short MDofficeManager is well-known among physician for unprecedented control over finance and future they can enjoy. For more Information of Revenue Cycle Management click on.
MDofficeManager’s Documentation Management reduces costs while delivering effective, timely & high quality Clinical Documentation. Our web-based delivery systems significantly reduce the resources required to manage the Transcription process enabling healthcare facilities to focus on their core business objective – Patient Care. Our ability to integrate with virtually any EMR / EHR ensures a comprehensive Clinical Documentation Solution while fulfilling Meaningful Use requirements. For more Information of Clinical Documentation Management click on.
MDofficeManager's Process for Coding and Auditing is extensive and attentive to detail. Documents/super bills electronically scanned at client’s office are securely accessed by our knowledge center using secure connections (SSL/VPN). All pertinent data is stored at centralized location on high-end redundant servers in a database driven application which helps to keep all the records in a structured and easily retrievable interface. All documents are Re-audited & verified for illegibility, quality & missing documents.

Need A Solution?

Point And Click is time consuming and tedious with your EHR/ EMR? However, with us, you get best of both worlds. You continue using your routine method of documentation. So we at MDofficeManager will continue to integrate seamlessly with your EHR. So can complete your documentation without any hassles and still be able to avail benefit of stimulus package.
So you can focus and maintain eye contact with your patients now.


How Will MDofficeManager Help You Get Patient Centric Approach & Incentives?
If your productivity and revenue needs boost, you are in the right place.
If you are feed up with Point And Click in your EHR systems, we are the ones with the right solution.
Here’s how it works:
You talk, We Type, We integrate in your platform, Efficient U.
If you are spared from using Point And Click, Focus on patient and generate revenue without missing incentives.

MDofficeManager’s Back-End Speech Recognition Technology plus a 2-tier Quality Assurance Program helps you overcome errors and to give you throughout consistency. So now be free with the world of Six sigma and free form leaning and unlearning new software.

  • Focus on patients rather than tension of errors and typos.
  • Focus on your specialty and innovative medicine then on the computer keyboard.

MDofficeManager focuses on your satisfaction and Better Patient Care. In all, we are serving with best of MGMA standards benchmarks.

  • 45 Days A/R receivable
  • below 72 days billing Lag time
  • over 95% first time claim Acceptance.
  • and much More…

We will not only guide you from selection to implementation of EHR, but also will provide you with solutions

  • Dictation with EMR
  • EMR Interfaces
  • Eye contact with patients
  • Freedom from calling yourself a typist.
  • Focus on medicine then keyboard and mouse.
  • Still delivering quality upto Six Sigma standards.
  • Your Template your format via Macro driven approach

MDofficeManager claims to increase your revenue with confidence, we provide:

  • Over 99% of revenue collection
  • Be worry-free unclaimed funds
  • Significant boosts regardless of fee cuts
  • 45 Days A/R
  • Below 72 days billing Lag time
  • Over 95% first time claim Acceptance

Whatever maybe the reason like incomplete documentation, inaccurate coding or anything else you will never want Audits. MDofficeManager strives to provide you with ease to audit by

  • Improved Clinical Documentation
  • Centralized Electronic Medical Records Online
  • More Accurate Coding
  • Curbs Cost
  • Macro and Template driven approach
  • Still time and cost effective

So you do not miss out on incentives and you are still relaxed about audits. So you can focus on patient rather than your Blood Pressure.

What Our Clients Say?

We’ve never had a problem and when I’ve needed something in emergency, you’ve been able to help us.

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