A/R Follow-Up


How accurate your medical billing practice is could be gauged assessed through A/R Follow-up!

A/R describes the steps that are necessary to monitor and pursue the collection of payments from insurance payers.  Our proficient team, by easily monitoring the performance of A/R efforts and taking correct measures, can provide an early warning sign of potential collection problems.

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Our Approach for A/R Follow-Up:

  • Auditing claims to reduce the aging/claims rejection:

    Our audit process is linked to the principles of a continuous quality check at every level.  In addition to conventional auditing methods, we follow Six Sigma techniques to identify errors and reveal solutions by tracing the main causes of it.  This helps to submit clean claims and in-turn increased income.

  • Stringent payer Follow-up:

    We run various reports by payer and by patients to determine the outstanding amount and then address the issues proactively.  Follow-up is carried out aggressively by calling to gain the denial issues and determining a resolution.

  • We process denials, submissions, and re-submissions:

    rigorously until payments are received. Submission and re-submission of claims are prioritized to yield superior and rapid collection.

  • High charge high aging:

    These claims would be processed on a priority basis as the claims need to be followed up on before exceeding the filing deadline.

  • High charge low aging:

    The next focus would be on high dollar claims with low age as the chances of gaining collections are higher.

  • Low charge low aging:

    These claims have a higher probability of collection.

  • Low charge high aging:

    These claims are given last priority as these claims have less chances of collection.

  • Appealing:

    For unsettled disputed claims we send a request to the payer to bring attention to the incorrectly denied claims.  Through an appeal process, we ensure that physicians are reimbursed for their provided services.

  • Detailed reporting:

    Monthly reports are extracted from MDofficeManager electronically. These reports give a brief idea about the expected cash flow of the practice.  The customized report option gives an estimated collection for the services provided.  MDofficeManager also offers features to run user defined reports that lists detailed information about each unpaid claim.

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