Back-End Speech Recognition


Speech Recognition; Spoken Words into Text

MDofficeManager uses Back-End Speech Recognition. The physicians just have to be in their comfort zones and dictate via Dictaphone, toll-free number or iPhone and Back-End Speech Recognition will do the rest.

Speech recognition promises a better accuracy, better data, and improved clinical documentation.  Researchers have suggested that there are a lot of errors reported due to fatigue and boredom as a result of monotonous work. Speech Recognition is a program that has turned typists into editors doing investigative work compared to monotonous labor work, translating into better overall accuracy and meaningful use.

Due to the advent of speech recognition, the turn around times have shrunk dramatically.

MDofficeManager uses a speech recognition technology that is deeply integrated into their transcription workflow platform. MDofficeManager’s state-of-the-art speech recognition technology translates dictations from physicians in real-time into a searchable, structured document.  The result is a meaningful clinical document that can be used by both people and systems in the care process.