Data Sourcing & Mapping and Vendor Validation

Data Sourcing & Mapping

MDofficeManager helps in Data Sourcing & Mapping that benefits clients in:

  • Identification of the Item/Supplier Information along with Demographics.
  • Parent-Child Relationship for Normalization.
  • Increases chances of Item-Matching Rates.
  • Decreases chances of Duplication of items in Master Database.
  • Data Sourcing enables up-to-date information about Mergers/Acquisitions.

Vendor Validation

MDofficeManager helps in validating Vendor Information by providing them a standardized name:

Vendor Name Updated Vendor Name
Zimmer Incorporated Zimmer, Inc.
Zimmer Corporation Zimmer, Inc.
Zimmer Zimmer, Inc.

Product Duplication

MDofficeManager manages data in the manner that helps client to find unnecessary duplication of products

Original Vendor Name Original Vendor Number Updated Vendor Name Updated Vendor number
Zimmer Incorporated 2359-020-35 Zimmer, Inc. 00-2359-020-35
Zimmer 00235902035 Zimmer, Inc. 00-2359-020-35
Zimmer Inc 23592035 Zimmer, Inc. 00-2359-020-35

Description Enrichment

MDofficeManager enriches the product description from the original manufacturers sites:

Information Manufacturer’s Name Manufacturer Number Description
Original Zimmer Inc 2359-020-35 Scrw 3.5 locking
Updated Zimmer, Inc. 00-2359-020-35 Zimmer Periarticular Locking Plate System – Non-Cannulated Locking Screw, 3.5 mm, Sterile: No, Material: Stainless Steel, Length mm: 20

Packaging Information

MDofficeManager also helps to update packaging information of the products from the manufacturers’ sites:

Manufacturer Name Manufacturer Number UOM

(Unit of Measurement)


(Quantity of Each)

Zimmer, Inc. 00-2359-020-35 EA, BX 1, 1