Dictation and Retrieval Options

We offer a complete, turn-key virtual office (Cloud) as well as the ability to seamlessly integrate our individual components into your existing system and processes.

Dictation Options

1. Dictate via Toll-free 800 Number
2. Dictate using digital handheld recorder
3. Dictate using handheld, Pocket PC, PDA or Smart phones
4. Dictate into your existing dictation system and we can import from your server
5. Dictate using PC based dictation option

Report format options

1. Word Document
2. Rich text format
3. Text document
4. XML document

Delivery options

1. Integrate in your document management system
2. Fax to the corresponding medical or doctor office
3. Encrypted email
4. Print document directly on your printer
5. Electronically transfer into your system
6. Set up on our FTP Server for your ease and convenience

Flexible turnaround time (24 – 48 hour Turnaround time and STATs for shorter turnaround)

Flexible Demographics acquisition process including HL7 Interface

Designated account specialist for your practice to ensure prompt service