EHR Integration


MDofficeManager EHR Integration Services can interface easily with any Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. We provide no-cost custom interface services on a quick turn-around for both standards-based (HL7) and proprietary systems.

There are many types of electronic interfaces. Some of the major ones are as follows:

Document Interface

Document interface transmits transcribed documents to the EHR system in a structured data format making it ready to import by that system. This automation saves significant time and generally makes transcribed reports immediately available for review.

ADT Interface

Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) interface communicates non-clinical demographic information from a third-party EHR system to our system. It is a dual system whereas we receive ADT messages; and in turn, we match these messages with the transcribed documents in our system to give you these documents in real time. The need for physicians to spell-out patient names and detailed identification information is eliminated as the patients are already registered in our system. It saves time and effort by eliminating duplicates or missing files in the system.

Laboratory and Prescription Interface

Laboratory and Prescription Interfaces facilitate paperless orders by sending electronic requisitions and receiving results electronically. Order interfaces will include one entry per order. In other words, a single patient can have multiple records; one for each radiology order. Orders can also include some minimal clinical data.

Eventually, all EHR vendors are expected to accept these data formats and the power of interfacing will be amplified as the effort is minimized. MDofficeManager is technologically way ahead in this arena as we are already utilizing these interface capabilities.