Health Information Exchange

Health Information Exchange (HIE) is the secure transfer of healthcare information electronically across organizations within a region, community or hospital system.  HIE provides the capability to electronically transfer clinical information among different healthcare information systems.  The goal of HIE is to facilitate access and retrieval of clinical data to provide safer and more timely, efficient, effective, and equitable patient-care.  HIE is also useful to public health authorities to assist in analysis of health of the population.  HIE systems facilitate the efforts of physicians and other medical facilities to meet high standards of patient care through electronic participation in a patient’s continuity of care with multiple providers.

MDofficeManager Medical Data Exchange (MMDE) is a web services platform that allows healthcare providers to push both structured and unstructured information to one another electronically via HIE platforms.  This HIE platform includes electronic health records (EHRs), Laboratory (e-Lab), Radiology, Pharmacy (e- Prescription) and the MDofficeManager portal in a fully virtualized, highly available, secure and cost effective manner.

Important features of MDofficeManager Medical Data Exchange (MMDE):
• Allows simple, nationwide, secure, private exchange.
• Provides a new infrastructure which allows the sharing of health information with authorized users.
• Optimizes time and cost by eradicating the need to create interfaces with various systems.
• Designed to meet all NHIN requirements.
• Meets meaningful use requirements.

Thus MDofficeManager’s Health Information Exchange will provide secure sharing of patient records including Laboratory, Medications, Radiology Reports, and Patient Notes with other referring facilities (e.g. Hospital, Specialty Physician, etc.)

For a Demo of Health Information Exchange, feel free to call or email @ Info@MDofficeManager.com or 877-786-7604/812-248-9206.