ICD-10 a Revolution in Healthcare! Not just new codes but ten times extra codes and lots of complexity; it is not just the conversion it’s termed as the biggest step towards innovation in healthcare organizations. This innovation will impact reimbursements and complete revenue cycle management workflow.  Yes, this is about Oct. 1, 2014 ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion. There is a massive hassle for implementation of ICD-10 and it’s training via AAPC and a lot of private institutes are training physicians about new codes and procedures. ICD-10 is more specific about reducing errors and that means a deep knowledge.  A lot of money and resources are spent for that and still there is no surety of guaranteed implementation of ICD-10. Selection of codes directly affect the amount of reimbursement, so code must be chosen with excellence that provides guarantee of higher reimbursement and keeps RAC audits out of your way. Moreover, there will be a need to cope up with all upcoming updates. You must be wondering “Is there a “better way” out?” That what one can call a win-win situation? A “way” that can: • Improve focus over patient. • Improve your reimbursement significantly. • Frees you from running after coding updates and standards. • Improve you work throughout and improve healthcare. Yes you can, and here is your awaited solution! MDofficeManager provides highly experienced coders dedicated for medical coding and upgrades.  Our coders are trained and ready for ICD-10 to radically improve your coding and reimbursement.  At MDofficeManager we: • Improve quality measurement. • Reduce errors in diagnosis coding. • Improve analysis of disease patterns. • Better identify instances of abuse and fraud. • Improve tracking and response to public health issues and outbreaks. • Incorporate greater specificity and clinical information. • Expand the detail relevant to ambulatory and managed care encounters. • Decrease the need to include supporting documentation with claims. • Increase sensitivity for grouping and reimbursement methodologies. • Improve the efficiency of claim submissions, especially with EHRs and Practice Management Softwares. For Further updates, please contact us @ info@MDofficeManager.com