Medical Coding Services

online medical coding services


Medical Coding is the KEY

Are you troubled with:

  • Cash flow spiraling downhill.
  • Lost checks.
  • Screaming at insurers over the phone.
  • Sleepless nights.
  • Problem coping with rules and constant updates.

With higher self-pay and compliance increasing exponentially, there is greater opportunity for risk. Medical coding is a key activity that impacts the financial health of your practice.

Have you thought why medical coding services must be accurate, error free & quick? The reason is that without coding breaches there is a higher reimbursement rate and a constant flow of income. Accurate and error-free medical coding not only ensures that medical claims are reimbursed timely, but also takes care that you get paid optimally.

MDofficeManager Benefits

  • Higher profits.
  • Easy-to-access documentation.
  • Optimized workflow.
  • Timely & accurate reimbursements.

Why should you count on medical coding services with us?

  • AAPC credentialed coders.
  • Medical coding audits.
  • Efforts to reduce RAC audits.
  • Specialty-specific versatile coding services.
  • Hospital/in-patient coding.
  • Emergency room e-code evaluation.
  • Accurate & stringent quality checks.
  • Coding turnaround.
  • Quick setup and go-live.
  • ICD-10 readiness.
  • ICD-9-CM coding validations.
  • CPT and ER with E&M medical coding.
  • ICD-9 coding based on AMA and CMS guidelines.
  • Compliance with all medical coding systems, such as ICD, CPT and HCPCS.
  • Variety of statistical reports generated.

We offer more than what is required for MDofficeManager to be your favorite online medical coding company.

Medical Coding Process:


  • Documents/super bills electronically scanned at client’s office are securely accessed by our knowledge center using secure connections (SSL/VPN). All pertinent data is stored at a centralized location on high-end redundant servers in a database driven application.  This helps to keep all the records in a structured and easily retrievable interface.


  • All documents are checked & verified for illegibility, quality & missing documents.


  • Diagnosis, procedure codes and modifiers are assigned based on standards (ICD-9 & CPT) & as per description by doctor.


  • Thorough audit & checking of completed medical claims is done at multiple levels by quality control team and processed further for charge entry and payment posting.

Key Gains:

  • Complete, accurate, legible & timely documentation.
  • Identify the service and interpret the diagnostic and procedural phrases into coded form.
  • Providers are paid correctly in a timely manner, complying with all guidelines.
  • Regular feedback is provided for minimal denial of claims.