Medical Transcription Services

online medical transcription services

Medical Transcription is one of the most challenging parts of the healthcare cycle with very few standards and a lot of billing nightmares. MDofficeManager provides control over the process from dictation to transcription to document management by meeting new HIPAA regulations, guaranteeing 98.5% accuracy and next day turn-around-time. This will save hospitals and medical practices up to 30% without any capital expenditure.

MDofficeManager has over a decade of experience in offering a web-based document management platform that provides clients with all aspects of the healthcare documentation process through confidentiality contracts, encryption technology and dedicated data lines.

MDofficeManager provides online accounts for physicians and staff so they can access through virtually any internet accessible computer to search, review, edit, print, fax, e-sign, and much more to provide seamless medical transcription services. These files, after you sign off, can be automatically uploaded to the health information systems using the latest integration options such as HL-7 or they can be manually posted by us as per your requirements.

MDofficeManager is a genuine member of the consortium with Verizon Medical Data Exchange (MMDE) where you can connect to 300,000 plus physicians to interact for clinical documentation.

Key Benefits……

  • Extremely easy to use; takes on average of 10 minutes to train each user.
  • Hosted platform, no additional software or hardware to purchase.
  • Providers are completely portable and can work from any computer.
  • Secure and redundant technology, flexible and customizable.
  • Dictate via phone, recorder, SpeechMike, iPhone, or other portable device.
  • Emergency services such as STAT, vSTAT, overflow, etc.
  • Back-End Speech Recognition System.
  • Multilayer quality assurance plan.
  • Management facilities as review, E-Edit, E-Sign, etc.
  • Multiple search options including practitioner, work type, DOD, DOS, MRN, etc.
  • Distribution options such as remote printing and faxing.
  • Free, unlimited secure storage of all documents and sound files.
  • HL7 connectivity to your in-house Health Information System or EHRs.
  • Connect to the consortium with Verizon MDE.
  • Supporting Meaningful Use by traditional transcription.
  • Partial Dictation with Discrete Reportable Transcription.