Medical Transcription – MediVoxx Flow

Medical Transcription is made simple with MediVoxx Flow!

Tired of spending hours sorting out transcription issues in your healthcare practice? Wish you had a single affordable and trustworthy service which would make the whole process of transcription and document retrieval easier? MediVoxx Flow is a unique transcription workflow and document management software which is designed to meet all your day to day transcription requirements. With its enhanced features, uploading voice files and downloading documents becomes absolutely hassle free and you can monitor all files from a single screen. MediVoxx Flow simplifies and streamlines the transcription process, giving you more time to concentrate on patient care. Let MediVoxx take care of all your transcription worries!This transcription workflow and document management software comes with a web module and a desktop module. Voice files can be uploaded automatic or manually. Once voice files are uploaded, allocation and distribution of transcription work is done. Files are assigned to medical transcriptionists and editors and if the need arises to senior editors. Our experienced quality assurance analysts review and edit the transcriptions for completeness and accuracy. Voice files are uploaded to our transcription software’s 256 bit secure server and the documents are uploaded to the user’s PC automatically. Our transcription software is also capable of integrating documents directly into an EMR from where you can review and sign off reports at your comfort. It supports 256-bit military grade AES encryption. With MediVoxx Flow, you can print and fax directly, with a single click. This makes document retrieval easy.


•   Login for authenticated users only
•   Upload and download of voice Files
•   Creation of documents
•   Selection of templates and sign-off
•   Posting of documents
•   Transcription line count
•   Automatic updates detection and download
•   Changing individual passwords
•   Bookmarks